Medical and ‘allied‘ workplaces :

  • Tired of the sales talk and the ‘101 class’ sale tactics ?.. sick of the undercurrent that your job is different because you’re a Practitioner?
  • We build multiple medical and allied suites each year because we don’t ‘manufacture the fuss’.
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Fitting  out  Medical & Dental Centres  is  not rocket science !

So at  Officeboy once we discovered how they were to be built we did two things.

Firstly we offered them at the lowest possible price to customers.   Secondly we continued on doing what we normally do ..

  • Dealing directly with business owners creating  fantastic  and functional workplaces.

Medical and related practitioners  have quickly discovered the unique Officeboy advantage of  consistently lower prices  , persistent  service  and instinctive  design flair.

Following several requests from businesses requesting that Officeboy try its hand at  Medical Clinics – we did just that , and in the  process discovered no steep learning curves , almost no  deficiencies in our skills  and learning the different  regulations and processes no great difficulty either.

The result has been an exciting  continuation of delivering great value to clients who  require  medical fitouts in Melbourne.

We purposefully  chose not to  label ourselves medical  fitout specialists in order to  dispell  the idea that any contractor need promote ‘ exclusive skills ‘ in these areas and then of course charge more.

When you order your fitout from Officeboy it will be applied to  our proven  internal processes  which  deliver above average service ,  reliable  time and  low cost outcomes and best of  all  the delivery of  stunning  presentation  in line with your workplace brief.

We dont stray from  your main   ‘ showcase brief ‘  – ie  your vision for the ambience of the new workplace and how you wish to make staff and visitors  feel  when they visit.

We will assist , guide and advise you in how to put together materials , furnishings , finishes signage and space  to achieve the desired outcome.


Your fitout order  will follow through our trusted and proven process for fitouts and renovations.  Six hundred businesses from 2009 to 2015 in Melbourne validate above average delivery of value and service.

At Officeboy we feel  you have a genuine choice  to deal directly with a fitout contractor licensed to fitout  any building  in  Metro Melbourne including the CBD.

We believe  its a truly  direct engagement  because your job cannot be ‘ pushed aside ‘  by obligations  to large  architectural firms , real estate  agents or big tendered work.

These typical  distractions  are impossible at Officeboy –  because we simply do not deal with these intermediaries.

The benefits to you and your organisation are lower prices and deeper ,  quicker  and  more accurate consultative processes.

  • Consultation and planning guidance by a project manager who continues on  to oversee your fitout right through to    completion .   No salespeople   delivering unmatched accuracy.
  • All main commercial carpenters , maintenance staff and even drivers are employed .  Minimal subcontractors   delivering extreme site controls and virtually no errors.
  • Full time offices and storeage facilities. – including full time designers and administrative staff.
  • Your calls are returned within 3 hours if not immediatly with the average in  under 45 minutes.
  • Fixing small inadvertent details in jobs until you’re happy
  • Doing small things in jobs that also make you happy
  • Providing free sketches and unlimited revised quotations
  • Starting fast and finishing fast