Decor and polish

  • As we are all aware styling at the end of a project can dampen the end result on ‘ reveal day ‘.


  • We don’t take chances. Your fitout will have available to it designers , colour consultants  and material recommendations as necessary to achieve your  important  design brief.

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Decor and polish

At Officeboy one of our objectives in the design phase is to automatically sketch to achieve the highest possible WOW factor within each area of your office under consideration. This is the  case whether we are building one wall for a client or undertaking a complete office fitout.

You can rest assured that we will be thinking how to deliver high impact results as you start to explain  basic  design brief to us.

Decor and features needn’t be costly. Your designer will exploit all areas of zero or minimal cost initiatives to bring out the most spectacular result possible.

Ten great zero cost initiatives are:

  • Use of bold colours against an otherwise mono coloured area
  • Use of a glazed wall in lieu of a plastered wall
  • In a glass room move the door off the corner and introduce a ‘glass to glass juncture ‘ at the corner for effect
  • If the business allows .. eliminate or at least hold off on expensive frosting or digital film and allow people to look into your offices
  • Go to the most conjested looking spot in the office and try to gain a corridor walkthrough of at least 1250mm
  • Go into any office or area painted darker than cream or beige over 5 to 8 years ago and repaint it in natural or lexicon white (dulux paint references)
  • In the same room or area above paint or replace the skirting with 100mm flat grey commercial masonite or aluminium skirting
  • In the same room or area above cover any aged windows with micro venetian blinds
  • Replace acoustic ceiling tiles which have been soiled , damaged or bowed over time
  • In the same ceiling as above replace light tubes with triphosphorus (‘ daylight ‘) tubes. Wash or replace the light diffusers
  • Complementary with all fitouts is assistance by our in house colour consultant who will assist with the choice of the several colouration and textural choices you will need to make for your workplace fitout.