Extended Design Services

  • In the event your fitout requires perhaps several days of sketching and design then you save even more by entering a design agreement with Officeboy.
  • We believe our fees are under 30% of commercial architectural rates and the involvement of the builder ensures the economic use of fitout products.

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Extended Design Services

Even more pleased than our clients who receive free sketches are the ones that invest in our extended design services. Typically these situations arise where fitouts are larger or have a greater than usual degree of complexity.

Once again our objective is to provide affordable service to all our potential customers and deliver fast, creative and functional designs followed on by a fixed price quotation.

Compare this value  to drafting  and architectural firms where the drawings become a ‘ cost centre end ‘ in themselves. In the case of large fitout firms there is a ‘do not proceed ‘ policy until you sign up to various conditions.

The immediate SAVINGS  from a design/product sketch & product research effort at Officeboy can be in the order of $6000 to $10,000.  If the job proceeds to site then the savings (on design alone) can be in the vicinity of $20000 and often more.

These  savings can be used to either enhance the outcome of the office fitout or simply to reduce the size of your overall investment.

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