Free Sketchings

  • Our default service level is to provide free sketching every time we quote for jobs.
  • This means we quote accurately and minimize processing time down the track.
  • Most importantly you have the opportunity of seeing the layout in correct proportion to check whether your vision of the design can fit within the measured space.

Have your most important questions answered quickly about Free Sketchings. Any Job size. Call 1300 858 176.

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Free Sketchings

We assist with working out your office design by offering computer (CAD) sketches during the process of producing the quotation. Over 99% of the time the sketches are free of charge and are central to determining the design and cost of your new office fitout.

Our goal is to have businesses of all sizes who approach Officeboy to receive a professional and measured evaluation of how the office layout will work and investigate ways of minimizing the cost of the office fitout. This is difficult to undertake if you don’t have the dimensions in an accurately drawn format and then evaluated by experienced people.

We know the first sketch is often “not the one”

On average office fitouts which proceed to site require between 2 to 4 major changes and then some minor ones. At Officeboy we are generous with the CAD time you require in order to finalise a design. We possess a strong “ make to order “ service ethic and allow sufficient planning to bring about a satisfactory outcome to suit your business needs.

Because the first sketch is often “ not the one “ you are supported by our friendly team who will advise and offer useful and experienced suggestions on how to progress towards your new workplace layout.

Once the spacial layout is completed the drawing represents the framework for your rapid and concise office fitout quotation. We present fixed price quotations and rarely prepare estimates. There are never any costing surprises as the designs are accurate and you can be assured that your needs have been comprehensively reflected by the Officeboy staff member assisting you.

We get to your bottom line quickly – very quickly

For all of our care we never forget your dilemma… you have no time. Decisions on office accommodation are made almost instantly nowdays.

Once again your “ safety net “ at Officeboy are the internal and full time design and quoting team on hand each day. You can expect small jobs of a few rooms to be accomplished within a day or two. Large jobs (perhaps a 250m2 floor fitted out) within a week.

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