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Office Furniture

We guess that you could go to dedicated office furniture stores and fall into a purchase via a salesperson peddling their own stock lines. However your office design and office fitout may not be ‘calling’ for the particular items you might be just about to purchase.

At Officeboy you will have had your design formally drawn and tenancy measured and at the ready for a careful assessment of furniture layout.

The benefits of purchasing through Officeboy are that the entire functionality and cabling logistics can be managed and checked for fitment ( and of future fitments also). Once checked the various product choices can be presented which best suit your new office environment.

All of the following (and many more) are conditions that can be interdependent and should be checked before the office furniture budget is spent. Make sure your one shot at spending hits the mark!!

  • did you know laminex has released over 30 modern desktop colours… not just the old traditional colours such as light grey and beech?
  • have you been presented with modern metal leg desking systems?
  • have cabling logistics been resolved for all of the different desk locations?
  • have all of the possible work cluster shapes been presented to you?
  • what type of workscreen thickness , height , length, mounting will suit the workplace?
  • will you require wall mounted furniture?
  • will your floor space accommodate future staff numbers if you make the immediate purchases?
  • can cabling for Projector or TV be facilitated via an ‘in table flip top box? ‘ & can the cabling be concealed?
  • do you need a few items customised rather than accept standard measures?
  • do you require monitor arms – can they install them ? Which sizes will fit the screen requirements?

As you can appreciate the particular conditions that might apply to your situation need to be checked and often worked out concurrently. Often several factors become interdependant and someone with the ready skills can reduce errors in purchasing.

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