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Office Partitions

You can choose from an array of contractors that will consider your office partition wall – as merely another office wall. Often they will be a plaster wall contractor , a domestic type builder, a commercial builder ‘ on the tools ‘ or you might obtain a referral from say an agent. Ultimately you will get your wall.

At Officeboy you will also get the office partitioning completed at the same price (if not less) than these alternate contractors. However in addition and at no extra cost receive the benefit of our internal staff checking your requirements before the build. A no fuss rapid and free audit of your proposed build request. You may have overlooked things such as :

  • your wall may need to matched to specific commercial wall
  • suite extrusion material presently on site
  • you may be able to afford a glass wall in lieu of a plaster
  • wall for the same price as the plaster wall
  • the wall may suit a demountable system
  • you might require extended finishes such as feature
  • paint applications , panel cladding, digital art , frosting and several other alternatives
  • you may require future walls and furniture to fit along
  • with the current wall project and require some free sketching

And so the list may go on to involving several other parameters or constraints … To ensure you have all bases covered contact our helpful administration staff on 1300 858 176.

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