Plaster walls

  • We can build all types of plaster walls. The best system is one where the plaster and studs are laid within dedicated commercial systems that present a straight professional wall no matter how out of  level surfaces might be.
  • Not only do they look great – if need be you can choose to ‘ connect ‘ to glazed walls and  door systems seamlessly. Don’t get short changed !

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Plaster walls

Plaster walls in Office environments serve a number of useful purposes. They revolve typically around acoustic and visual blocking. Other uses include office tenancy divisions , mounting structures for audio visual screens , whiteboards , art , corporate logo’s , panelling and many others.

At  Officeboy we use dedicated commercial suite systems to construct the walls as a first preference everytime. These systems  will mark your new office with that crisp and sharp commercial presentation – unmistakably so.

The walls built by contractors who might scrimp on providing commercial wall suite framing and extrusions never quite make the mark. Their presentations fall flat as in the end these walls are merely domestic walls ‘trying to look ‘ commercial.

The wall suite trimming reveals include aluminium ceiling track trimming including shadowline feature. Wall thicknesses are compatible to matching aluminium door jambs and windows.  They are also structured to carry the loads of commercial sliding door systems and the weight of heavier gauges of glass.

Surface obstructions and composite materials:

Often commercial and industrial areas will contain various obstructions requiring concealment. Your office partition job may contain some of these such as pipework, conduits, piers, columns, posts, holes, roller door barrels and a multitude of others. We offer various solutions to blending these breaks in wall continuity compatible with whichever wall system is in use.

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