Activity Based Fitouts

  • We’re a fitout service that doesn’t bump up your costs just because you want something a little different. A fitout is a fitout – and our activity based fitouts are affordable, value-for-money investments in your business
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Activity Based Fitouts

There’s been an increasing trend in what’s called activity-based offices – these are office spaces that are more open plan, with hot desks and stations for particular jobs that promotes staff teamwork, rather than your old-school cubicle style. Huge modern companies like Google are recognizing the advantages these types of offices can have – helping foster interconnectivity between staff as well as boosting the overall vibe and energy of the company as a whole.

Our activity based fitouts are perfect for Melbourne businesses who want to keep their employees happy and productive. We’re across the latest trends in activity based fitouts, including:

  • designated stations for particular jobs rather than particular employees
  • hot-desks – employees sharing space and facilities together
  • no “cubicles” so employees can have easy, friendly face-to-face discussions
  • open, enjoyable spaces to take breaks in – including spaces with beanbags or foosball

At Office Boy, we’re a Registered Building Practitioner with the Building Commission of Victoria and provide structural fitouts. Part of an activity-based approach to office spaces is being open plan, and you can trust that we’re fully accredited to knock through walls – as well as extend floors and provide changes to your building’s walls, roof, exteriors and ceilings.

Want value-for-money when it comes to activity-based fitouts? Office Boy don’t use any sales staff or middlemen that add costs to your bill. You speak directly with a project manager, develop a design that works for you, and always have a direct line to the people actually doing the fitout.

These days, employees expect more from there office space – give it to them with Office Boy’s simple activity-based fitouts.