Complete fitout services

  • Like most things  when choosing a fitout contractor your greatest safety is in the numbers..
  • Its safer to choose a contractor that builds for dozens of varied clients in Melbourne, negotiates all main materials by the tonne and maintains a full time office & staff  for instant communications. 

Have your most important questions answered quickly! Any Job size and any scope of work.

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Complete fitout services

Choosing Officeboy to undertake your complete office fitout means that you will have found a true ‘ one stop shop ‘ where all office fitout planning and works are tightly organised under one roof to ensure a trouble free and rapid completion of your new workplace.

The main advantages you will experience are –

  • You will be consulted and guided throughout by our own internal and on site teams. There are no salespeople and all staff are employed full time.
  • You will be assured of a continuity of people around your project. Our designers and main partition trades are also employed full time.
  • Our friendly staff have been trained specifically for commercial building environments
  • You wont find us “distracted” by other “ large clients “ such as builders , real estate agents or architects as we simply don’t deal with them and so theres no chance that anything will divert resources or our attention away from your office fitout project


Your initial and ‘ constant contact person’ from administration will oversee all planning any approval lodgements , advise of impending scheduling and develope a detailed construction file for the on site team.
The initial contact doesn’t end there. The same person will be liasing with you throughout the entire building phase of the project.
Our  capabilities  in office fitouts are as follows.   These  are some of the main areas..

Suspended ceilings

Plaster walls

Glass walls


Vinyl Flooring

Timber Flooring

Fire sprinklers

General Fire works

Decorative purchases

Interior design & Art

Contract Cleaners

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles

Wall framing





Structural and Steel works


Workstation screens

Storage solutions

Make goods (end of tenancy restitution)


Auto operated doors


Electrical works

Data cabling

Air conditioning

Sanitary facilities




Lets discuss a complete fit out for your next project.
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