Fast Tracked Jobs

  • If  you’re  caught short on time there should be somewhere for you to go and get a fitout started  within days.
  • Its difficult for contractors to break time  records if they need to wear a tool bag or if they are so big that they need to go through ‘ processes’.

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Fast Tracked Jobs

If you are seeking out an office fitout contractor you are likely to be in a hurry. Scarcity of quality tenancies , protracted negotiations and lawyer involvements  often see the requirement to figure out the fitout planning and logistics pushed out to critical time limits.

Crucial  to meeting time frames is to have a dedicated team absolutely focused on your office fitout brief and scheduling.

Your project also needs to be supported by a flexible on site workforce prepared to work at any time of the day.  Similarly , external  contractors  need to be seasoned commercial trades often called to plan and execute ‘ overnight makeovers ‘ and with experience enough to solve on site problems alone on the spot during  ‘out of hours ‘.