Partial fitouts

  • Large contractors might feel partial fitouts are bit detailed and ‘ finicky ‘ for them.– they’re too big.  Smaller contractors  won’t  do them because they’re afraid of  passing up other ‘ easier’ jobs.
  • Clients  deserve access to professional levels of service even if the scale of jobs is smaller and require ‘ working in’ with others.

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Partial fitouts

Partial works create great value opportunities because they address problems such as budgetary constraints, temporary accommodation, permits ,  prolonging major relocation , refreshing the workplace ambience and many more.

Typical areas of works include partitions only , painting , general repairs , floorings , ceilings, furniture installations , joinery, kitchen upgrades, renovation of receptions .. and many more.

We ensure that our clients receive the same care in implementing partial changes as we do in arranging a total fitout. Your needs are quickly assessed and quoted  and  obvious future contingencies checked at no additional cost.

Our skilled administration team will review (free of charge) areas such as:

  • Product compatability
  • Decor matching or enhancement
  • Sketches and spacial checking
  • Review of cabling & electrical implications
  • Restitution of surfaces following alterations
  • As necessary search the most assured supplier for continuity of products over time

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