Staggered Fitouts

  • If a fitout contractor is willing to undertake the micro detail necessary to allow your business to operate throughout the fitout process you will have no interruptions to daily operations”
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Staggered Fitouts

Often the greatest value added by Officeboy is when we work a way that our customers can continue operations whilst office fitout alerations take place. This tends to be the main reason for “staggering “ completions.

Staggered completions involve undertaking works in stages. These generally involve temporariliy vacating areas, renovating the vacated areas and then moving staff back in and to other areas and in some cases having  them work temporarily off site. This  process repeats a bare minimal number of times until the entire renovation has been completed.

Officeboy undertakes careful pre planning for your job to ensure work schedules are accurately met. The execution of critical works is guaranteed by our full time employed trades. Your fantastic fitout and business plans are not left to chance with sub-contractors or simple guesses and estimates.

Services extend to the following areas..

  • Very early morning or evening attendances
  • Weekend works
  • Movement of furniture
  • Temporary cabling and reinstatements
  • Greater frequency of ‘ Officeboy updates ‘
  • Planning temporary vacancies for isolated days of dusty or noisy works

The gains to our clients are significant.

One call to our office will have these assessments commenced within the week obligation free. An entire team dedicated to your fitout requirements with over 80 years of combined commercial building experience!