Office Fitout Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

We’re in the last quarter of 2019, and as the year draws to a close, the time for new beginnings approaches. Revamp your workplace for 2020 with latest fitout trends that will shape how people interact within the office.

Biophilic & sustainable designs

Biophilia and sustainability are two concepts that are irrevocably intertwined in design. On one hand, biophilia incorporates elements from nature into the design with the goal of enriching and benefitting human health and well-being. On the other hand, sustainability focuses on using green building materials and reducing harmful emissions and carbon footprints in a bid to protect the environment.

For 2020 office fitout designs, incorporate natural elements into office features, using materials such as wood, stone and fibre. Using earthy tones and a neutral colour palette can help enhance the office landscape. Putting plants and water fountains is also a good idea; you can even have a moss wall installed for a richer, natural vibe. 

Natural lighting from the sun can be worked into the office through modern floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Not only would your office be well-lit but your employees can also benefit from Vitamin D. Natural light is proven to help improve concentration as well, making people more productive.

Agile office designs

Agile office designs are all about providing an environment wherein employees can work flexibly and freely. The principle behind agile office designs is simple: to create spaces that can meet the employees’ needs no matter what it is, from a collaborative space to a quiet zone. An agile space should be able to support both individuals and teams. Through agile spaces, employees are given a choice of where to perform their tasks, freeing them from being tied to their desks all day. They can also escape from distractions by moving to a quieter zone and be free from the normal drone in the office. 

For your 2020 office, you can create an agile design by providing a wide-open central space where there are desks for everyone. Smaller rooms or booths can branch out from this space. There should be a breakout space dedicated to group meetings or conference calls, and extra rooms such as pantries and even nap rooms.

Smart offices

Smart office designs make use of technology in making the space work efficiently and effectively. They also play a part in making the office more sustainable; smart lighting and temperature control systems help in reducing energy consumption. 

For 2020, you can make your office smarter by utilising technology to make your work processes smoother and more efficient. 

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