MG Electronics

Retail fitout Tooronga Village Shopping Centre

Located in busy Tooronga Village Shopping Centre, this mobile accessories retail kiosk needed to maximise their kiosk footprint.

Office Boy worked with MG Electronics to design a retail kiosk with ample product display opportunities, strong branding and visual prominence.

The planning involved securing a permit and working with Tooronga Village Shopping Centre to manage the build and construction process, with much of the work being done overnight.

The retail space features high gloss cabinets, glass display units, shelving, internal storage drawers and built in work station for repairs. The lighting and signage design was pivotal to creating a strong presence and this was achieved through the varying heights and design of the custom cabinetry.

Retail fitout
  • Design and planning
  • Build and construction
  • Branding and signage
  • Lighting design
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Glazing
  • Electrical

Retail fitout design

The design of the kiosk maximises the footprint of the kiosk, allowing for maximum product display.

Retail fitout

The ‘brand blade’ and vinyl signage create a strong visual presence.


The design of the fitout and installation focussed on creating ample product display space and storage.

Signage design

The ‘brand blade’ and vinyl signage create a strong visual presence.

Custom cabinetry

The high gloss cabinetry and glazing create a modern and slick feel to the retail fitout.

Retail design

Access to the kiosk is via two hinged doors that feature vinyl signage for high impact.

Retail kiosk

The MG Electronics retail kiosk is approximately 6 meters by 4 metres in size.