How Can an Office Fit Out Help Boost Staff Morale and Productivity?

How Can an Office Fitout Help Boost Staff Morale and Productivity?

The design and layout of your office can have a tremendous impact on creativity, productivity, staff morale, company culture and other things. Updating the look of a bland office may reinvigorate your staff, while getting rid of standard cubicles, may improve efficiency. These are just a couple reasons to consider redesigning your workplace with an office fitout.

Custom Designs for Individualised Needs

Every business has a different workflow and management style. Some want offices that are more informal and relaxed, while others prefer a more corporate, formal setting and traditional office spaces. A good office fit out design will take into account your businesses unique culture, workflows and processes, brand identity and plans for the future.

An office fit out may include changes to the layout of your workspaces or a complete transformation and renovation of the entire office. The goal is to create an environment that meets the needs of your staff, aids productivity and workflows, and aligns with your culture and brand identity .

An experienced office fit out design team will help maximize your existing space and find ways to improve efficiency and productivity. The most common types of office layouts include cubicles, half partitions, open floor plans, and activity-based designs. Each layout brings its own advantages and disadvantages.

Adopting an Activity-Based Office Design

Activity-based working is a concept that originated in the 1970s that has seen a recent resurgence in popularity. An activity-based office fitout design includes multiple work areas with different layouts or design elements. The traditional meeting rooms, offices, and designated desks are eliminated.

The purpose of an activity-based office fit out is to create different work areas that are best suited to different tasks. There may be a central location with an open floor plan to make it easier for staff members to communicate and collaborate, along with break out spaces and areas that offer a little more privacy for informal meetings.

Utilising Open Spaces for Collaboration

While an activity-based office fitout may incorporate an open design, the activity-based design is not the only option for open spaces. You can still utilize the traditional setup of assigned desks and workspaces with an open floor plan.

Open spaces are well-suited for collaboration. Instead of separating employees into cubicles or separate offices, the open design allows them to easily communicate and share ideas. Employees do not need to physically get up and travel to another office or cubicle. This often works well in team-oriented settings.

Choose a Design That Works for You

The innovative office fitout design options discussed may not work well for every business. If your staff requires privacy, they may thrive in a traditional office and cubicle environment. The cubicles help reduce external noise levels, acting as a sound barrier and allowing staff members to remain focused on their work.

You may also choose a balance between openness and privacy with your office fit out by installing half partitions. With half partitions, your employees still enjoy their own space without feeling completely shut off from their co-workers.

In the end, the design you choose depends on the unique needs of your business and staff. Activity-based designs and open floor plans are often used to improve collaboration and communication and maximise the use of floorspace. These options are great for offices where staff members work closely together on projects. Keep these details in mind if you are planning on renovating your office or setting up a new office space. Contact an expert team member at Office Boy to discuss your Office Fit Out needs.