Essential Tips For a New Office Fitout

Essential Tips for a New Office Fitout

The look and feel of your office can tell a lot about your company. The overall design can also have an impact on your productivity as form and function coincide. This is why planning your office fitout well is extremely important. 

If you want to create the ideal workplace for you and your team, keep in mind the following essential tips. 

Utilise the space well.

An empty space can look bigger than it is. Once you start putting in cupboards, cabinets and partitions, it will shrink dramatically, and it might even seem cramped. Plotting your furniture wisely can prevent this from happening.

Additionally, consider how each team or person is going to use the space, and adjust accordingly. For instance, if you have a graphics team, it may be wise to give them a space with different lighting, more conducive to their tasks. Different zones across the office can be set up differently too, with an open collaborative space for your creatives and enclosed rooms for private client meetings.

Also, take into account your projected growth in the coming months or years. You might be getting new teammates and even more clients, which may require a bigger conference room for meetings.

Adhere to ergonomics.

Ergonomics deals with not only how your office furniture looks but also how safe and efficient they are when people use them. Providing a safe environment for your team limits and avoids accidents as well as boost their trust and morale.

Ensure that there’s plenty of space to manoeuver their chairs without bumping and that people can move freely around.  

Aside from ergonomics, it’s also incredibly important to focus on the overall safety of the workplace, as well as inclusions for people with disabilities. Something as simple as adding acoustic battening to the walls or ceilings can go a long way to help the hearing-impaired, for instance. 

Involve your staff in decision-making.

At the end of the day, it’s not just you that will benefit from a well-fitted office. Your team members, who spend a lot of time in the office, understand what they need out of the space and which design can best help them optimise their performance. Get their input and work together to create a fresh, stylish and functional office fitout that can make everyone happy and productive.

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