Planning an Environmentally Friendly Office Fit Out

Planning an Environmentally Friendly Office Fit Out

If you’re not careful, an office fit out can be the first step your business takes to causing damage to the environment. These days, that’s a massive concern because customers are eager to buy from businesses that they consider to be environmentally friendly and avoid the ones that aren’t as much as possible. This is particularly true in Australia where the general public and clients tend to be more conscientious about the state of the environment. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to approach an environmentally friendly office fit out the right way and ensure that your workplace is a green dream. Let’s look at some of the possibilities.

Infographic: How to Build an Environmentally Friendly Office

Invest In LEDs

Lighting is an obvious place to start when thinking about how to make sure that your new office fitout is eco friendly. You should make sure that you are buying LEDs for your office and there is a number of reasons why this is a smart move. Firstly, LEDs last for hundreds of thousands of hours and will continue to light your office nearly twice as long as the typical incandescent bulb. As well as this, standard lighting uses eighty percent of the energy for heat and only twenty percent for light. LEDs reverse this and instead use eighty percent of the energy for light and still only a fraction of the power needed for another type of bulb. As such, you do want to make sure that the lights in your new office are LEDs.

You might also want to consider investing in smart lighting. With smart lighting, you have complete control over the level of lighting in your office environment. Since you are in complete control, you will use far less energy because you won’t constantly be using the full power of the lighting in the office. As such, your energy bills will be significantly lower.

If you don’t want to invest in smart lighting, do consider using light sensors. These will make sure the lights are turned off automatically when they are not in use. As well as this, you may want to think about using natural lighting for the office as much as possible. This can be accomplished by positioning work desks near large, office windows.

Getting Furniture Locally

It is worth thinking about purchasing your furniture for the office fitout from a local Australian source. By doing this, you can make sure that you are using and indeed supporting local sources. On top of this, you will be using less energy because you won’t need to bring in the products that you’re purchasing from hundreds of miles away or even from across the ocean. You should also make sure that you are checking with suppliers to make sure that the products they are providing have been made in a way that is eco-friendly. Indeed, one of the easiest ways to keep your office fitout green would be to make sure you are using green suppliers.

Keeping Things Cool

One of the mistakes business owners make when planning their office fitouts is to use the smallest AC units possible. The idea being that a small unit will use a fraction of the energy. The problem is that a small unit still needs to cool a massive office area. That’s why it’s actually better and more ecofriendly to invest in a larger AC unit. It can be run at a far lower power level and still provide the cool air you need in your office to keep things comfortable. On top of this, you’ll find that a larger unit will run for longer without need for maintenance or replacements.

Reusable Partitioning

Does your office need partitioning? Partitioning is a great, easy way to separate your office into different areas and make sure that there are separate work spaces for different requirements. If you are using partitioning, it is advised that you do consider options that are both reusable and flexible. It is unlikely that you will keep the same design for your office for the total amount of time that you work there. With a demountable partition system, you’ll be able to move the system around without the need to invest in new partitions and avoid filling up landfills with old ones.

Buy The Right Tech

If technology is part of your office fitout, you do need to think about the type of tech that you should be investing in. A lot of business owners think that it’s best to save money by purchasing second hand, older technology but this is actually a mistake. Older tech creates more issues than it solves because it uses far more energy and therefore will cost a fortune in bills. It’s far more effective to think about purchasing the latest tech on the market and paying a larger amount upfront so that you can save more over a longer period.

If you are unsure what tech to invest in, just look at the computers and display systems with the best energy ratings, promoted by companies like The Marketing Heaven on social media platforms.

As well as this, you can consider whether you need to invest in certain pieces of tech at all. In the past, a fax machine would have been an essential piece of equipment for a new office. These days, faxes can be transferred and received digitally, straight to email accounts. As such this could be an energy expensive, unnecessary purchase.

Think About Waste

You should also be thinking about how you deal with waste in your business office. Ideally, you should have an area for recycling set up in your business. This will help you reduce the carbon footprint of your company massively and make sure that you are not contributing to the overuse of landfills. Make sure that a recycling area is part of the plans for your office fitout. Even just including a recycling bin in your office design could help a lot.

Plan Your Environmentally Friendly Office Fit Out with Office Boy

We hope you find this advice useful and see that there are lots of different ways to make sure that your new office fit out is completely environmentally friendly. To discuss your environmentally friendly office fit out plans with Office Boy, contact us and get a free office fit out consultation

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